Get out there! Participate in local art shows.

Last Sunday I participated in the 53rd Annual Bergen County Art in the Park Show at Van Saun County Park. This is my third year in a row participating alongside my father and sister, and my best year yet! This year I had some great sales and took home an award! My piece Sea Creatures will be displayed in the Art in the Park Winner's Show at the Bergen County Administration building for the month of November. 

Participating in this show every year has provided a sort of marker for me to review my work from the past year and see it altogether as a collection. It's a beautiful fall day outside with family and friends, and also provides a valuable opportunity to talk with fellow artists and meet your customer's face to face. For the most part when I make sales through my online shop I don't know my customer. This offers the ability to really observe in person who's attracted to your work and interact with your market. I got to speak with a little girl who purchased my Sea Creatures art print about how she wants to be an oceanographer when she grows up. It feels really good to know that piece is going to be hanging in her room providing her with the inspiration to dream. 

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The first step is committing to the show. Get out there! The next is being prepared. Do a little more to prepare each year. It gets easier each time. This year I had a Paypal credit card swiper and wrote "credit cards accepted" on my pricing sign because I know I hardly use cash these days. I think clear pricing is the way to go, because most people feel funny asking in case it's out of their range. Put out business cards. I didn't realize until after the show but almost half my business cards we're picked up by passers by. Also, some people used it to look me up right there on the spot. Something else I tried this year, was newsletter sign up. I need to remember to ask those who bought to sign it though! 


Looking forward to next year!

Maker Mentors Art Sale - Now through June 26th!

Excited to be included in the FIRST-EVER Maker Mentors Art Sale. They have brought independent artists together to create a collection of designs centered around the idea of Celebrating Friendship.

You can order any of the artwork featured on the site as a high quality Print or Greeting Card. Or you can have a piece of artwork sent directly to a friend!

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Designer Feature for Greenvelope!

To view this interview on Greenvelope's blog, click here. 

Thank you to Greenvelope for this lovely designer interview. Having a blast working with their awesome team! 

Designer Feature: Patrice Horvath

Designer | Designer Highlight

We’re thrilled to feature Patrice Horvath, an endlessly talented artist and designer based in New Jersey. Filled with colorful patterning, thematic illustrations, and whimsical watercoloring, Patrice’s invitation designs beautifully set the stage for dozens of birthdays, weddings, and outdoor events (with a fresh, colorful aesthetic!) Today, she’s here to share a bit more about her journey, her inspiration, and her favorite part of the design process.

Can you share a favorite design from your collection? What was the creative process like?

My favorite is Watermelon Whimsy–my first and most popular design for Greenvelope. I usually have a weekly painting session, where I’ll sit down with my watercolors and some rough ideas. It’s usually on the weekend so I can have some fun without the pressure of client work. This design started as some paintings in my sketchbook. I’ll scan it in at high resolution and then my graphic design skills kick in. I really enjoy the process of seeing my art come to life on these beautiful digital invitations.

Can you share a bit more about your journey as an artist? How did you get started to where you are now?

It runs in my family, so I was always drawing. When I was a kid, I’d make hundreds of paper dolls–draw them, cut them out, and then create rooms of a house and every type of accessory. I continued to focus on art in high school and started oil painting. In college, I majored in graphic design and after graduation I began working at a magazine. Then I worked for five years at a boutique design agency, working on every type of project for print, web and animation. A few years ago, I started getting the itch to paint again and this time gave watercolors a try. I was hooked! I started posting my work on Instagram and selling it online. I fell in love with seeing my artwork applied to all types of products and decided to pursue it full time. More recently, working with Greenvelope has been a great way of merging my paintings with my love of invitation design.

Other than stationery, what types of design or artwork do you do?

Besides stationery, I love to apply my art to products in the home decor, gift and apparel markets. I do this frequently in my Society6 shop but I also have some licensing deals in the works with great companies that I hope to announce soon. I also get a lot of requests for freelance surface pattern design and graphic design work and I have a select rotation of clients I like to work with.

What part of the design process do you enjoy the most?

Even though I enjoy the flow of painting, I get really excited when I see that work start coming to life on stationery and different types of products. I start to see the possibilities and get inspired to keep creating!

What is your motto or favorite quote?

My motto is “fake it ‘til you make it.” We never feel ready or fully prepared to do something and tend to focus on how we’re not qualified. Saying this to myself gives me that extra confidence boost I need so I can figure it out as I go along and just go for it!

3 Favorites

  • Favorite Color: A coral pink! It’s so pretty and feminine but more mature than baby pink.
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Banana gelato. I spent time in Italy so I know you can judge a shop’s gelato authenticity by the color of their banana flavor. It needs to be more of a light brown than a yellow.
  • Favorite Television Series: Certainly not my only favorite, but I’ve been rewatching the Wonder Years. What a great show about simpler times and teen angst. Kevin Arnold–so cute!

A huge thank you to Patrice Horvath for joining us today! You can can check out her full stationery collection on Greenvelope here.



Creative lady bosses working together!

So excited to be collaborating with gift and stationery company Printed Matter Paper! My artwork titled "Buds" is a part of their Spring collection. Currently available as a cell phone case here. This company is run by two fantastic women with a focus on products that bring back the style and art of the hand-written word. Stay tuned for the launch of more fun products!

Interview For Spindle Magazine

I'm so excited to share with you my interview with Spindle magazine. Full interview is posted below, or you can check it out here.

Patrice Horvath is a New Jersey based artist who works across graphic design, illustration, painting, and pattern design. She has produced work for a variety of clients for years as a graphic designer working at design agencies, where she created everything from printed menus to websites. Last year Patrice went freelance, returning to painting and illustration and starting to sell her work online, creating lovely patterns to adorn items such as stationary, home decor, accessories, and clothing, as well as a line of invitations. She also continues to collaborate with businesses and individuals, helping them to create to visual world of their brands. We asked Patrice to tell us more about her interesting and inspiring career across the design and illustration worlds, setting up on her own, and the many forms she creates in.

How did you get started as an artist and designer?
My dad is an artist and mom is crafty, so art and creative expression were encouraged from a young age. In college, I majored in graphic design and after graduation I began working at a magazine publishing company, getting my hands on whatever design work I could. Afterwards, I spent five years at a boutique design agency, working on projects for print, web and animation. Those were really important experiences for me because I was able to wear many hats. My skill and experience grew tremendously and I learned what it means to work directly with a variety of clients.

You work in graphic design, illustration, and also sell your artwork and products with your patterns online. Tell us more about each part of your creative career.
A few months ago, I decided to pursue my freelance career. I continue to work with creative clients who appreciate strong branding. Painting is a meditative experience for me, and gives me a chance to be away from the computer. I started selling my work in my Society6 shop on all types of fun products like bags and pillows, and I’ve received a lot of positive feedback. I really enjoy the variety of projects I’m able to pursue.

Which of these skills and sectors is your favourite?
I love to paint, particularly with watercolour, gouache and ink. These mediums are most beautiful when you let them flow and allow ‘mistakes’ to happen. I don’t like when things look too perfect. I’ve been walking trade shows, participating in online art communities and reaching out to companies with products I’d like to see my art on. It’s definitely a thrill to see a stranger enjoying something with your design or pattern on it.

Is there a form you most enjoy creating for – be it designing for clients, creating products from your patterns, or producing illustrations, for example?I enjoy when my work fulfils my creativity while also meeting a need for someone else – whether it’s a logo for a client, an invitation for a wedding or bridal shower, or a pattern on a product that you use in your home.

What kind of briefs and clients are you drawn to?
I’m drawn to clients that appreciate working with professional talent. These clients collaborate with artists often, and value working with a designer.

Which commissions have you most enjoyed responding to?
Those where the client is coming to me because they know and appreciate my work. They value what I do and the project aligns both aesthetically and conceptually.

Do you have a favourite project or piece of your own work?
My favourite paintings are those that come to me subconsciously. When I’m falling asleep a lot of visuals come up and I have to write them down. Certain themes keep reoccurring in sketchbooks and sticky notes. These ideas come from what I like and have less outside influences.

Is there something you want to communicate or achieve with your work?
Joy, laughter, curiosity and youthfulness. Painting brings me back to being a child, when there was a lot of time to observe the world around you, play, and bring your imagination to life. I would draw hundreds of paper dolls and cut out every little accessory you could think of. Today, I’ll paint a small detail like a tassel on a handbag and it will make me laugh out loud. I hope others find enjoyment in it too!

What are you currently working on?
I just launched my first Etsy shop. Its focus is printable wedding and party invitations that incorporate my watercolour florals. The idea came from a friend I designed one for. Customers can instantly download, edit and print an invitation for a variety of events. It’s a great combination of design, painting and product!

What’s your dream creative project?
I have so many! Selling prints at West Elm, illustration for Anthropologie, illustration for children’s books, clothing, wallpaper and gift wrap… I could go on!

To find out more about Patrice’s work or to buy her products, visit her website, Society6 shop, and Etsy shop.